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Can a Cookie a Day Keep the Doctor Away? 5 Reasons Cookies Are Beneficial to Your Health

  • September 18, 2017

Cookies are so much more than just a delicious treat—they can also be surprisingly good for your health. Here are five reasons that a cookie a day could be just the thing to keep you healthy:

1. Fight cravings. Sugar cravings are the enemy of health, as they can cause you to overindulge. But having a cookie (just one!) can combat those sugar cravings. The antioxidants in chocolate will satiate your sweet tooth without overdoing it on calories or refined sugars. Add in the high unsaturated fat content of nuts, and you have the perfect treat to shut down your cravings.

2. Energy boost. Need something to help you get through an intense workout? Grab a cookie, a 100-calorie energy booster made with the sugar and fats your body needs to burn for energy. Cookies are great as a pre-workout treat to increase blood glucose levels, but they can also be used as a mid-workout supplement if you’re pushing your body hard. Have a cookie after your workout to replenish the glucose you burned during the intense training session.

3. Gluten-free. Gluten-free cookies are a great way to indulge in a sweet treat without risking your health. Bertha Mae’s gluten-free cookies are made with 100% gluten-free ingredients, so you can safely enjoy a snack.

4. Loaded with nutrients. Our White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies are loaded with nutrients. Macadamia Nuts deliver a hefty dose of antioxidants that improve heart health, boost weight loss, and improve brain function. Thanks to the nuts we use in our cookies, you get more important nutrients with every bite.

5. Improve your mood. Chocolate is so much more than just delicious—it’s a mood-boosting food that releases endorphins into your body. These endorphins fight stress, improve relaxation, and can even decrease anxiety and depression. Chocolate is a “feel good” food that works wonders to enhance your mental health!

If you’re looking for the best online cookies, give Bertha Mae’s a try. We use only the best quality ingredients and offer the easiest way to buy cookies online for delivery straight to your front door. Our goal is to ensure you get treats that are as healthy as they are delicious!