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For Cupid’s Sake, Don’t Forget the Chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

  • February 2, 2018

If you’re planning to give your loved one a gift of chocolate this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone! Those frilly, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate candy have been a romantic staple since the Victorian era, and chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac since it was first introduced by the Aztecs. Chocolate giving has a long and romantic history, and for some very good reasons.

There’s chemistry in those little treats.

Chocolate includes a chemical called phenylethylamine, which scientists have linked to attraction, excitement and pleasure. When you’re trying to impress someone with the depth of your love and affection, adding some chocolate could be the perfect final touch.

It’s the most desired gift.

Most surveys state that among women, chocolate treats are the most desired gift on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for romantic indulgences and women appreciate gifts that pamper their taste buds.

It’s actually a healthy treat.

Even though it’s a tasty and sweet treat, chocolate includes ingredients that lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help to lower blood pressure and there’s even evidence that it includes chemicals that improve brain function. Not only is chocolate heart healthy, it makes you smarter, too.

It’s a way to step outside the box.

While everyone else is giving the same old tired box of chocolate candies, you can give your loved one a special treat of homemade chocolate brownies.

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