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Did you know, Having Dark Chocolate After a Run is Actually Good for You?

  • April 20, 2018

In spite of its occasional health benefits, chocolate has long been considered a guilty pleasure, a decadent treat best consumed on any occasion. However, a recent scientific study spells good news to chocolate connoisseurs everywhere!

Chocolate Benefits

Dark chocolate is already known to promote cardiovascular health. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition conducted by the Kingston University in England, dark chocolate was also found to improve athletic performance both during and after a workout. The study showed a measurable decrease in the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise. The study also revealed that sprinters who ate dark chocolate first were able to run slightly further than those in the control group.
The dark chocolate used in the study was made with 70% cocoa; however, researchers aren’t sure yet exactly what level of cocoa is needed for the performance boost. Would 60% cacao provide a similar boost? Would 80% cocoa offer even better performance?
Jane Uzcategui, a registered dietician and nutrition instructor at Syracuse University thinks this new discovery may be especially beneficial for short-distance runners. Because dark chocolate lowered oxygen consumption, she believes that it could help competitive runners during a 5K.

Dont forget!

It’s important to remember that, while eating dark chocolate may have beneficial health effects, it has quite a bit of fat and should be consumed in moderation. But as long as you’re exercising adequately, the extra calories and fat shouldn’t be a big deal.
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