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Why Giving Chocolate As A Gift Is Always A Great Idea

  • December 13, 2017


In countless cultures around the world, chocolate has a long history of cultivation and has become one of the most popular indulgences. From the times of the Aztecs and the Mayans, chocolate has been used as an ingredient in countless recipes. When you’re looking for a special gift this holiday season, there’s no greater gesture than delicious chocolate to show your love and affection.

A Treat That’s Good for You

Modern medicine is finding that chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, can be as healthy as it is delicious. Studies have shown that it’s good for the heart, battling clogged arteries, and reduces the chance of having a stroke. It helps with cholesterol levels, gives a sense of well-being, and even lowers stress levels in expectant mothers. Chocolate is also known to raise endorphin levels in the body, which is a scientific way to say that chocolate makes you happy.

Chocolate Brings Back the Past

Nothing reminds you of your childhood quite like chocolate. Bertha Mae’s Brownies Co. is a chocolate brownie company that offers a huge variety of chocolate treats that will bring you back to your Grandmother’s kitchen. Be honest, who can resist a gift basket filled with cookies and brownie?

It’s the Universal Treat

In a world dominated by corporate giving, chocolate treats are among the most accepted gifts. Chocolate is a treat that almost everyone will appreciate. When you’re stumped on what to get for that last minute gathering, our gift baskets will be the surprise that people will remember for years to come. Order today and get 10% off your next order when you use “holiday” at checkout. Valid through December 15-21, 2017.