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Passover: The Most Beloved Jewish Holiday, Explained

  • March 23, 2018

Passover commemorates two significant events in the lives of ancient Jews: the ‘passing over’ and the Exodus. Rituals like the Seder and special feasts are part of this beautiful observance.

What is Passover?

The plagues visited upon Egypt culminated in the deaths of all firstborn of those who failed to keep the Passover. Those who kept the Passover according to the regulations in the Old Testament were ‘passed over’ by death. The Passover is a very significant feast of God that reminds us of God’s mercy and blessings. The first time God’s people celebrated the Passover was in 1498BC and kept the feast for the generations to come. Since then, the passover has become a symbol of protection and received as a blessing for God’s people.

The Origin of Passover

The Exodus is the escape of the ancient forefathers from their Egyptian oppressors. Moses led the Jews towards the land of Canaan on the fifteenth day of the first month of Nisan. The Jews quickly gathered their things and went on their journey. However, they did not have enough time to bake bread so they only had unleavened bread (currently known as matzo). Today, we commemorate their journey by keeping the “Feast of Unleavened Bread”. This is the main reason for eating unleavened bread during the month of Nisan.

The Seder

Seder, which means “order” in Hebrew is a tradition wherein jewish people gather around a big meal while guests take turns telling the story of the Exodus and the Israelites’ new relationship with God based on the law given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The ritual of the Seder involves an engaging question and answer activity that relieves important stories. It serves to teach the young, remind the knowledgeable, and build community.

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