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How to Score Extra Brownie Points this Mother’s Day!

  • May 7, 2018

Every mom deserves a little pampering once in a while.

There is no better way than appreciating her on Mother’s Day. Do you want to buy her a beautiful watch, offer her breakfast in bed or indulge in fine dining? A simple set of cookies and brownies gift baskets can work magic.

Anything made of chocolate is excellent. Organic chocolates are not just tasty treats; they can increase spatial memory and boost vision, thanks to their high levels of Cacao. You will surprise her with custom-made cakes or artisan chocolates that quietly say ‘I love you, Mum.’

You don’t have to break the bank on Mother’s day. Instead, discover tasty treats from Bertha Brownies. Every chocolate, brownie and other snacks have a gluten-free option, so your mum can enjoy without ingesting undesirable sugar.

Bertha Mae’s Mother’s Day Special

Bertha Brownies promises a new product special for this year’s Mother’s Day. Chocolate covered with strawberries offered in a large box of 9 and a small box of 4. You can choose between the dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Every mother has a unique taste when it comes to chocolate.

Chocolate is luxury, love, and health. It introduces a feeling of wellness in the brain. One study found out that chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments by a third. There is a direct relation between chocolate and reduced blood pressure. Help your mom regulate her blood sugar with fat-free chocolate.

Big things come in small gift baskets!

Score extra brownie points this season. There is a flat delivery fee if you are located in the local regions of the greater Los Angeles. A free pickup policy also applies! It is the perfect way to express your unyielding love for Mommy! Shop now