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Top 5 Treats For Easter Baskets This Year

  • March 9, 2018

It’s time to be thinking of your Easter traditions again! What are you going to put in the baskets this year? Perhaps Bertha Mae’s Brownies can help? How about a mix of tradition and novelty to add spice to your kids’ basket surprise? Here are five ideas for you to mull over:

The Chocolate Bunny

The highlight of your Easter basket arrangement is the chocolate bunny standing guard over the rest of the candy loot. Make sure it’s solid and not hollow, and try white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark.

Fruity Goodness

Jelly beans and fruit leathers add a spark of flavor that kids love. Try dried versions of their favorite fruits as a change from just straight sugar.

Brownies, Cookies, and More

For the best in fine ingredients and yummy taste, look into our brownie and cookie gift baskets! These are great gifts for children and adults. It’s a refreshing break from the standard pre packaged candies that we see every year. We offer gluten free varieties too!

The Nonfood Fun Item

The building expert can have a Lego kit and the dress lover can find a new Barbie in their baskets. Try slime, light up toys, or a favorite book.

The Surprise

The best surprise is to spend some fun time with your family. Easter can be a premium opportunity to offer your time so that your family can build traditions together (like coloring eggs). Plan an activity like a picnic or a visit with relatives.

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